Service Scope

BOM one-stop shopping

Our customer service center provides 24/7 support. Therefore, no matter where you are, our team is always on call to support your component procurement needs.

After submitting the Bill of Materials (BOM) to AVAIL, we will manually review the major databases and respond to supply chain risks and disruptions as quickly as possible. We can quickly meet your needs, standardize and analyze any components on the BOM. We can reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), through our many approved suppliers, and the industry's first-class anti-counterfeiting identification equipment, to ensure that we only purchase high-quality components from audited suppliers.

Technical support

In order to meet the technical needs of customers, AVAIL integrates resources to thoroughly solve the design and selection work for customers. According to customer needs, we recommend the most suitable and most advantageous integrated solutions. 

Products are widely used in: Automotive Electronics, Industrial Medical, IoT Connectivity, Display Technologies and so on. 

Thanks to the trust of our customers, we have also been given the opportunity to select integrated circuits, resistors,capacitors, crystal oscillators, connectors and other peripheral devices for the  basis  of  development.  In turn  greatly improving  our flexibility and integration, thus  greatly improving the test pass rate.

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