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Fire & Security
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In the rapidly growing and constantly evolving fire and security industry, it is important to keep up with the latest innovations.  Technology is increasingly accessible particularly as it pertains to fire and security.

At AVAIL Components, we understand that manufacturers of fire equipment and security surveillance equipment are constantly working to implement the latest technological improvements.  Utilizing AVAIL Components’ sourcing services can help you to stay a step ahead when it comes to sourcing the latest electronic components and keeping your supply chain intact.

We understand that component shortages are an unfortunate reality.  How can we help you secure hard-to-find electronic components for fire and security?

Fire and Security Electronics Applications

We can help you source a wide range of components via our worldwide network of carefully vetted suppliers.  A vast number of electronic components are utilized in the following fire and security products:

  • Network security cameras
  • License plate scanners
  • Sensors
  • Motion detectors, Carbon monoxide detectors, Smoke detectors
  • Wi-Fi router systems
  • Security cameras & recording systems
  • Security control systems, Integrated building management systems
Fire and Security Electronics Applications

Tailored Quality Support

Our sourcing experts at AVAIL Components focus on meeting your specific industry needs as they change over time.  Our global team stays up to date on changing industry requirements which allows us to secure key components in short supply.  You have the support of our dedicated experts.

We will be there for you.

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