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Medical Electronics
Medical Electronics Industry
Critical medical electronics components in short supply are accessible

In a world where our population continues to grow and age, the medical electronics industry plays an increasingly important role in maximizing quality of life, extending life span, and enhancing recovery from illness and injury.  AVAIL Components supports this important sector by sourcing reliable electronic components in short supply within the medical electronics market.  Our services help our customers with the most challenging supply chain issues impacting the medical electronics industry.

Due to our global, carefully vetted network of quality partners, our sourcing services are both extensive and efficient.

Medical Electronics Applications

We provide our customers with a very broad range of electronic components to support the medical electronics sector.  The wide variety of shortage components for medical electronics sometimes referred to as ‘allocations’ can range from microcontrollers, LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits (ICs), op amps, and capacitors to inductors, resistors, batteries, connectors, and power converters.  AVAIL Components knows that in every case these components must meet the highest quality standards in order to perform under a wide variety of conditions.  Some examples of electronic components for the medical electronics sector are:

  • Instrumentation for Life Support,
  • Patient Monitoring Devices, Pacemakers & Other Implanted Devices

Tailored Support

AVAIL focuses on meeting the needs and requirements of our customers in whatever industry they work in.  This is the starting point of our comprehensive worldwide service.  Our global team keeps abreast of national requirements and complies with these requirements as it regards to sourcing.  AVAIL Components also offers a warranty for all components provided to our customers, can purchase your excess inventory to maximize your profitability, and provide support from our dedicated experts, including our sales team.

No matter your need, we are here for you.

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